Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van 170 wheelbase

Description: The Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van 170 wheelbase is a luxury passenger van that combines style, comfort, and versatility. With seating for up to 14 passengers, this van offers ample space for large groups, making it ideal for corporate events, family trips, and special occasions. Featuring a refined interior, advanced technology features, and premium amenities, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van 170 wheelbase provides a luxurious and enjoyable travel experience for passengers.

   – Features:

     – Seating for up to 14 passengers

     – Premium interior with high-quality materials and finishes

     – Comfortable seating with supportive cushions

     – Power-adjustable front seats for personalized comfort

     – Advanced infotainment system with touchscreen display

     – Rear-seat entertainment system with DVD player and wireless headphones

     – Climate control for passenger comfort

     – Smooth and responsive handling for a comfortable ride

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